About Us

Again & Again is an established neighborhood children's outfitter trading in new and used sandals, shoes & boots, outerwear, and other useful things. This busy little spot has become a destination for active families, who come for our quality selection and expertise in fitting children's footwear from preschool to playground to preteen. We help keep our young customers supported and comfortable on the go.

A special collection of new sandals, shoes, boots, & booties resides within our walls. The Kid Friendly Footwear collection is all leather free, and carefully curated to be comfortable, colorful, fun, and functional. We are excited to make animal- and Earth-friendly children’s footwear more accessible to families everywhere on KidFriendlyFootwear.com

Kid Friendly Footwear at Again & Again is owned and operated by women inspired to tread lightly on Earth, and dedicated to socially responsible business practices. We proudly support organizations friendly to families in need near and far, providing clothing, gear, and monetary donations. We partner with Westside Baby and Open Arms Perinatal Services, and contribute to area schools, moms in prison, and Northwest wildfire relief. We give to children from Haiti to Viet Nam, and sent carriers to Syrian refugees with babes in arms. Many pairs of our winter-ready Bogs boots were brought to the water protectors at Standing Rock. Hand in hand with local volunteers, our reach extends around the world.