Sizing & Fitting

Fitting kids' footwear can be tricky, and we encourage you to call for a complimentary fitting consultation prior to ordering.

Watch this site for updated sizing pages and detailed information. In the meantime, this simple method for measuring at home will get you started.


  • 8.5” x 11” paper
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Pencil


  1. STAND ON PAPER IN SOCKS OR BARE FEET: Have your child stand on the paper, placing their full weight on the foot being measured.Their entire foot should be on the paper.
  2. MARK HEEL AND TOE: Make a mark at the heel, and another at the longest toe.
  3. MEASURE: Measure the distance between the two marks. Jot down your number.
  4. REPEAT: Repeat with other foot.
  5. FIND SIZE: Using the number from the larger foot, consult chart to determine size.

In our hands-on fitting process at the shop, we advise allowing the width of a thumb at the toe of the shoe, to allow for growth... but much more than 1/2" extra can cause tripping!


Most kids' shoes are adjustable, and suitable for a range of widths, but some styles are especially well suited to narrow or wide feet. We've gathered these into special collections for easier shopping.

We can also offer recommendations for orthotic-friendly footwear, shoes for new walkers, and other considerations.

Note that shoe sizes are not consistent across different shoe brands and styles.
Call or visit for best fit. If in doubt, buy the larger size. Your kids are growing!

You have questions? We have answers. The experienced shoe fitters at Kid Friendly Footwear are at your service!
Over the past 12 years, all kinds of little feet have walked into our shop. Our staff has many years of hands-on experience fitting kids and solving problems. We have great footwear choices for kids with sensory issues, for users of orthotics, for brand-new walkers... and for those kids who destroy every shoe they ever met.