Why Leather-Free?

  • Many shoppers prefer a cruelty-free alternative. Shoes made from non-animal-sourced materials can be as Earth friendly as they are animal friendly! 

  • Some choose leather-free to reduce their contribution to global warming and live with a more sustainable carbon footprint. Most leather is sourced from the animal factory farming/meat industry, which uses Earth’s resources, including water, land, and energy, with less efficiency than alternatives.

  • Some people simply choose from our leather-free kids' collection because of the quality, value, fun colors, function, and comfort!


Kid Friendly Footwear strives to offer only vegan or leather-free footwear. We research our footwear choices, and go above and beyond to give our customers complete and accurate information.

Certified Vegan footwear will be noted in the product description. Footwear that is not Certified Vegan may indeed be free of all animal-sourced materials, but the manufacturer has not sought vegan certification. On the other hand, it may have constituent parts (such as glues) of unverified origin. 

We do not carry new footwear containing animal fur or leather, whether it's a boot or a tiny trim piece. We're diligent about researching details like glues and coatings. We've found that manufacturers will not always guarantee that all components are 100% vegan. That said, products with known animal-sourced elements are not included in our collection.

As of 2019, certain manufacturers have been moved to spray footwear outsoles with a slurry containing particles of leather. This spray serves no functional purpose, and will wear off. In certain circumstances this tiny bit of leather will result in reduced tariff and duty fees. Manufacturers may be able to keep fees lower by classifying boots and shoes as slippers. 

We discovered this when we received some of these boots by accident, and we won't be carrying them moving forward. If you have concerns about a particular style, we encourage you to contact us.

For details see https://hts.usitc.gov/current Chapter 64